Advanced Reporting and Analytics

We focus on understanding the key drivers and deliver financial information to help support business decisions.

Basic financial statements (Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash Flow Statement) are useful to understand a snapshot of a company’s assets, liabilities, and owner’s equity and historical financial performance.

What those basic financial statements often fail to do is provide business owners with the information needed and ability to evaluate forward-looking strategies and support key business decisions.  GreenBridge’s Advanced Reporting and Analytics service helps to fill that void by providing the tools and guidance that many businesses seek.

GreenBridge develops the advanced reporting by following a few key steps:


We engage the key stakeholders of the business to understand the true drivers of the business.  Some business leaders may be well aware of those drivers but don’t know how to track the data, still others may be unclear.  We spend time learning the business and together we determine what drivers should be tracked and measured.


We determine all of the data sources where useful data is available.  Often times, the financial reporting is only based on the information available in the accounting software.  GreenBridge seeks all available data as financial information paired with operating data can often provide a better picture of operating performance.


We utilize a proprietary reporting engine to deliver advanced reports.  We extract data from available sources to slice and dice the data into the key metrics to track, trend and analyze.

Advanced Reporting and Analytics Info Graphic

Our process is designed to deliver reports on a monthly basis so you have fresh information you can rely on. The GreenBridge Advanced Reporting and Analytics solution includes the following:

  • Key Metrics – measurement of key drivers of the business
  • Ratios – useful indicators of financial performance
  • Scorecard – performance against set goals and targets
  • Profitability drivers – by client, project, line of business, etc.
  • Forecast model (Budget) – forward looking budgeting and decision support tool


A key component of our solution is the Forecast Modeling Tool.  In addition to advanced reports of historical performance, we also build a flexible forecasting model that incorporates the learnings from the past with the plans for the future.  The model is more than just a static, one-time budget. Leaders can make adjustments to the model and see the impact of changing assumptions in sales projections, spending, hiring and other key decisions.

What you get:

A team with experience evaluating accounting and operational information and translating that data into actionable insights. Your GreenBridge team will deliver to you each month a unique set of reports and analytics that will allow you to see your performance in a new light that will help you evaluate forward-looking strategies and result in improved and efficient decision making.

Enabling business owners to get a clearer picture of past performance and the true drivers of profitability coupled with a tool for forecasting and planning for changes in their business is the high value proposition GreenBridge brings to our clients.